Mark Siddall | Passivhaus Architect

Hi, it’s Mark here.

Thanks for your interest in contacting me – I really do appreciate it.

The most important work I do is with my clients, and in creating and publishing new ideas and methods to help you find land and build your forever home. I try to focus most of my time on those activities so I’m not always easy to contact.

If you’re a client, you have my personal email address and it’s best to get through to me that way – I’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you’re interested in any of my products and services, you can find out more here, and you can ask questions via the chat box on the website. I usually reply pretty quickly.

If you’re not a client but have an opportunity you think I might find interesting, then please use the contact form below or email me at Mark [at] …That might be if you’d like me to appear on a podcast, speak at an event or summit or contribute to a project somehow.

I review those requests periodically and I’ll get back to you if it’s something I’d like to follow-up on. But please don’t expect a quick response – or even a response at all if it’s not something I’d like to pursue.

I also don’t answer my phone unless you’re a family member or personal friend 🙂

I hope you understand. My clients and my work are important to me and I need to keep my focus on them.

Thanks, Mark

Contact Form If You Have Something Interesting You’d Like Me To Consider

Try to say as much as you can about what, specifically, you’re interested in discussing. That’ll help me respond to your request faster.