Hi, I'm Mark,

One of my favourite things is discovering better ways to create the places where we live, work and play. ...So I spend a lot of my time researching and figuring out how to apply what I've learned in the real world. My next favourite thing is, sharing what I learn with other people, so they can live a better life. 

As an architect and a Passivhaus Consultant, I help homeowners, self-builders, developers and social landlords find creative solutions, so they can create homes they are proud.

Find out how I can start helping you down below:

Passivhaus Secrets

Passivhaus Secrets: The Documentary
...It's time for you to be ushered past the velvet rope and into a world of hyper-effective buildings, that's understood and used, by only the most the astute architects and engineers.

Join me as we take a journey deep inside the minds of architects, engineers and researchers, to find out what makes the worlds' most effective homes really work.

Passivhaus Open Days
Preston Springs Passivhaus Architect Mark Siddall LEAP

Passivhaus Open Days: 
Every year you have the chance to take part in something very special. Homeowners from around the world open their doors and people just like you get to find out what it's like to live in a Passivhaus. Plus they get to meet the owners, architects and the builders.

You can make the most of this rare opportunity and experience one of Northern England's few Passivhaus Certified homes for your self. To find out more, click on the link below.

Consultancy & Certification
Retrofit and New Build

Mark Siddall| Passivhaus & AECB Consultant
Whether it is new build or a retrofit, as an experienced Passivhaus Consultant and an AECB Approved Certifier, by working in non-architectural capacity, I help clients, design teams and contractors avoid pitfalls when they are undertaking projects that aim to create high performance buildings.

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LEAP | Lovingly Engineered Architectural Process

At an organisational level LEAP has two halves, one half supports homeowners and self-builders, the other half support social housing providers, businesses and local authorities.

Lovingly Engineered Architecture
This is the place where I help homeowners and self-builders make their dreams a reality. Located at the intersection of art, engineering and craftsmanship, Lovingly Engineered Architecture is a modern architectural practice. I help people like you, transform your quality of life, so that you can create a characterful Forever Home and lead a life of contentment and convenience where you are firmly in control.

Lovingly Engineered Architectural Practice
Lovingly Engineered Architectural Practice works exclusively with social housing providers, businesses and local authorities. By raising standards of sustainable urban design, enhancing the immediate setting of a site, being sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area and reflecting high standards in architecture, LEAP creates low energy / low carbon homes and communities on complex rural sites and in conservation areas.

Passivhaus Training
Want to create low energy buildings that you can be pround of? Want to up your your skills? If you are an UK based architect, and engineer, a site manager or trades person Passivhaus Training has the course for you.