Hi, I'm Mark,

I'm an architect that finds creative solutions for self-builders, developers and social landlords, so they can make informed, intellegent decisions and create homes they are proud of. 

You can find out how I can start helping you down below:

Plot Hunter | Find land, Showcase building plots

Plot Hunter
I often meet people that want to build new homes but can't find a plot of land. I created Plot Hunter as a FREE resource to make the search for land, easy, fun and stress free.

Passivhaus Secrets

Passivhaus Secrets: The Documentary
...It's time for you to be ushered past the velvet rope and into a world of hyper-effective buildings, that's understood and used, by only the most the astute architects and engineers.

Join me as we take a journey deep inside the minds of architects, engineers and researchers, to find out what makes the worlds' most effective homes really work.

Forever Home Network

Forever Home Network
In a reaction against poor quality housing here in the North of England (and through out the U.K.) architects, craftsmen, artisans, homeowners and self-builders are joining together to build a community that explores the alternatives. Would you like to join us?

LEAP | Lovingly Engineered Architectural Process

LEAP | lovingly engineered architecture
This is the place where I help people make their dreams a reality.

Located at the intersection of art, engineering and craftsmanship, LEAP is a modern architectural practice that helps people like you, to transform their quality of life, so they can preserve their independence by creating a healthy, comfortable, low energy house that buffer them from rising fuel prices.